The Irish Specialists of the Arctic and Arctic Excursions – TROMSO, NORWAY

The Irish Specialists of the Arctic and Arctic Excursions


(Arctic Circle) Arctic holidays with real experiences

Arctic, based in the Arctic city of Tromso in Norway, provide world-class Arctic holidays. Tromso has always been the “Gateway to the Arctic”. With Arctic Explorers, you can expect an adventure holiday with authentic and real experiences.

Northern Lights


Come with us and discover that Tromso. One the best cities in the world to chase the northern lights from, and the silent dancing in the skies will make you shout or cry out in cheer joy. Our northern lights holidays takes place in Lapland, in the middle of the northern lights belt. Tromso can offer some of the highest levels of northern lights activity on earth. Tromso city is situated among islands, breathtaking fjord landscapes and dramatic mountain peaks. Perhaps Tromso is the world’s best place for a Northern Lights Holiday – especially if you also enjoy city life


Whale Watching


Chances are very good as humpbacks and orcas come close to the coastline to feed during the winter season. They often come close to the boat as they are very curious, so be prepared for big splashes. Remember to bring your camera, and you could take the shot of your life, not just of whales, but also of other wildlife like seals or sea eagles.


Reindeer Sledding and Sami culture

FINLAND Lapland Reindeer Sleigh 2 by RukaKuusamo dot com

Join a Sami guide for an unforgettable experience of reindeer sledding near Tromso. The organizers of this trip are from a Sami herding family (in the Norwegian Sami district) in Finnmark. During the experience you will visit a Sami camp and learn much more about reindeer sledding (the oldest way of transportation in the Nort, and how the Sami live and have been living. During the stories they tell you around the camp fire, they will also explain about the history of the Sami in the North and after the hot meal, bidos (a traditional Sami soup)


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  • March 27, 2017 at 12:12 am

    To whom it may concern,

    I am enquiring about a honeymoon package to Norway to see the Northern Lights. Dates are 27th Dec to 7th Jan. I would be interested in a package that would include; log cabin, ice hotel, glass igloo, dog sledding and other excursions please.

    Thank you

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